A Little Thank You

I am overwhelmed by all of you who have read any of these blog posts, and have then gone on to tell me.

Thank you.

I wish I could see myself the way you see me.

I might come across as awkward when you tell me that you like my posts, that they interest you.  it’s just that I’m not used to people confronting me about it.

I only hope that you don’t look at me any differently.

Shocked, is what I mostly feel when I see people I know reading and commenting, showing support, sending me messages of comfort and friendship.

Again thank you for caring. Thank you for showing me that you care. Showing being the most important word there.

People say they’re there for you but have they ever shown you how they care?

Last time I started blogging similar things to this very few people I knew actually took time out of their day to bother even looking at it. Yet another reason I am shocked that so many of you have acknowledged this.

I really appreciate all of your comments, just knowing that you’re trying to understand or that you take comfort knowing you are not alone, if we share similar thoughts.

Thank you, whoever you are. You are loved.Thank-You-Photo-1.jpg


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