Some lonely ramblings

There is harmony in isolation
Sadness in a crowd.
A strange exhilaration,
When alone and feeling down.
I get high just being lonely
In this new familiar place.
addicted to the memory
Of a warm welcoming face.
All it takes is the scent

Of fresh spring in the air,

To send me back
To being a child in your arms.
I wont pine over missing your voice
Or the way you scolded me.
This memory is enough,
Of you and me.

I am peaceful, tranquil.
At home when alone
My soul is whole
My heart is warm
I do not feel so alone.
I am one person and complete
Here I find my feet,
In a woodland from a past
Full bloom lust like before.

I’ll state the obvious when my mind is blank.
I struggle to write anything
Even this feels like a chore.
Im sat in a wood just the bluebells start to bloom
But this does not inspire words. Places like this used to encourage me
Now I feel almost nothing.
Its beautiful.
At least I can say that
The wood is a cliché, a carpet of green, white and blue. I have no original thoughts,
My mind is lost in that sense

I’ve lost the passion
It used to thrive inside me.
Time has wasted away the joys of what I used to love.
Now I struggle to even
Produce a single decent word on this page.
You have ruined me.
I used to thrive on beaches,
In places of solitude.
Now each attempt leave me
More frustrated than the last.
I am too deep of a thinker,
Too much of a perfectionist.
I shall never be good enough
For me.

Flashing lights, dark clouds, grey sea.
These are the visions before me.
Graceful waves, a slow breeze
These are the noises that guide me.
Memories destroy me.
Passionate embraces, rushed kisses.
A kindling romance that would betray me.
False securities in the night
Late night talk
And fears that would surpass me.


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