I Hated My Job

My job is not important. It does not make me feel valued. It does not benefit the lives of anyone else. My job is minimal.

Some of the things we’re asked to do seems far fetched for a role so useless. Things like working alone past midnight. Taking two whole cadges worth of rubbish outside in the cold at 2:30am. Serving customers stinking of weed. Forcing people to buy large items so it makes our upselling look good so we don’t get shouted at.

All for minimum wage for our age.

Jobs like this make us feel shit. We’re all mad here, every one of us has some sort of issue, be it mental and or physical. It’s jobs like this that enforce the negativity, that we are of little value. We can’t do anything better than this. That we deserve to be treated like shit.

I don’t appreciate any of it.

Can’t you see how this affects those with depression?

We already feel worthless, nothing is enough. Jobs like this and the treatment we receive only enforces that. The inconsistent hours, last minute rota and changes don’t help us to find balance. I need consistency.

If I’m at my best they give me all the worst hours, because they say I can handle it. But when I slip we get told off, discounts taken away, hours dropped, shifts with people you don’t like.

This is not the way I want to be treated.

I have been used. I have worked until 5am and returned at 4pm. Worked 12 shifts in a row. Not been given a break countless times. Worked big midnight releases with the same culprits every time. Underappreciated . Cried at work. Watched my friends cry at work. Seen the job break them and change them until they were forced to leave.
Now I’m not completely blaming all of this on my managers here. In fact a lot of it is based on what the company policies are like and what gets fed down from head office.
Head office can suck a dick. And I mean a hairy herpies wart infested giant dick. I hope they choke on it.

Knowing I’ve left is the best feeling.

Being almost forced out the door however makes it less satisfying.

Yes it is a toxic work environment. I’m not just saying that because other’s have. It is awful. I have never felt or seen so many friends and colleagues feel so degraded. Disputes are never settled. Managers have their favourites. There are spies everywhere. No one feels safe even on their personal social media accounts. People who you thought were your friends are liars. Everyone is afraid to speak up in fear of being shot down.

I know other’s have raised concerns professionally and they have been, ignored, shot down, prevented from returning to the work place.

Don’t you wonder why so many are leaving? Can’t you see how we all feel? Do you care at all?

No. You don’t.

If you did things would have been different.

Some of you are literal poison.

Some of you are bloody amazing people and I love you. Sadly most of you have left.

No one can work in a place like this for long before breaking.

It was an experience, that’s for sure.


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